Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Application of 3rd Party Certification Program in Malaysia

The programme of third-party certification are to provide a measure of conformity, satisfy customer demands and limit supplier risks without the expense of repeating tests.Most importantly is the assessment to be carried out by an independent, third party organization that is qualified and licensed to issue certification when the assessment is successfully completed.

MSC Sdn Bhd is the most famous application of 3rd party certification program in Malaysia. MSC is one of the example that is issuing certified licensing to consumer. It was established in 1999 as a licensed Certification Authority (CA) in Malaysia under the Digital Signature Act 1997. It provides security solutions and trusted services to help companies build a secure network and application infrastructure for the electronic transactions and communications over the network.

The objective of MSC Trustgate is to secure the open network communications from both locally and across the ASEAN region. Trustgate provide digital certification services such as digital certificates, cryptographic products and software development. The products and services of Trustgate are SSL Certificate, Managed PKI, Personal ID, MyTRUST, MyKAD ID, SSL VPN, Managed Security Services, VeriSign Certified Training and Application Development. The vision of Trustgate is to enable organizations to conduct their business securely over the internet, as much as what they have been enjoying in the physical world.

3rd Party Certification is always crucial and needed becuase there are threats of internet security spreading over the net nowadays. One good example is the increase of phishing on the internet. Customers couldn't care less of trustworthiness of party and other sides they dealing business with, and this includes security of their personal and other confidential datas. Thus, the certification from 3rd party is needed to ensure their information traveled over the Internet reaches the intended recipients and is safe.Apart from that,they serve well in providing e-mail protection and validation, secure online shopping carts and more services in order to avoid being spammed, hacked and attacked by the macilious software such as virus, trojan horse and worms.

Bottom line is, there are more safeguard for online shopping and various other aspects of e-commerce and business field with the existence of 3rd Party Certification which enhances the global trend in general.

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