Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review a local e-commerce site

The local e-commerce website which I visited is ( is a pioneer auction website which bringing high standard of quality into homes and business by providing an avenue for on-line trading at a low cost. It starting based on Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) transactions and now is moving to becoming a Business-to-consumer(B2C) relationship.

You may choose to buy the thing you like by the way complete bid with other, or may directly contact with auctioneer and negotiate the price with him/her, purchase directly. There have a lot of functions to make you use their website more convenient, like Categories Search Engine- which provides you searching by category like Beauty and health, book and comic, phone and communication, it is an easy search engine and the searching speed is quite fast, very useful.

The features of product selling at included:-
1) computer
2) handphone
3) watch
4) camera
5) categories which included :
a) feng shui
b) clothing and accessories
c) personal care
d) pets and
e) etc

The speed of downloading is depend on the internet speed subscribed by user. The website has presents the layout of the products, price/shipping, state, bids/views and the time left of bidding products. There have different language to choose according to consumers' preferences. In addition, Lelong safetrade provided to manage every aspects of the settlement process and remove risk from online transaction. Therefore, is giving a safenesses to buyer and seller.

Other than that if you find that this auctioneer is very trustful and you hope to have more trade with him/her, you also can visit his/her store and check other item. The design of the website take easy and comfort way, do not have too much complex background.

Most of consumer prefer to use as a trade of products and services because it is easy to use and convenient compare to buy things at the shopping mall whereby approximately 70% of all items posted for auction on the site are sold.

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