Monday, January 19, 2009

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Actually I do not know how to describe myself also. My name is Choon Hui or you also can call me Yvonne as well. I am a student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accountancy.

Besides, I am just a normal and common girl like others, loves chatting, listening music, watching movie, shopping, surfing the net, hanging out with friends and etc. On the other hand, I always try to participant actively in my school life because teamwork is vital in every aspect of our life. Although I am not a good or perfect team player, I am trying my way to improve myself. “Never Give Up” is my slogan, because I believe that when there is still time remaining, there will be chances. So, it was meaningful for encourage me when I lost in difficulty.

The top 5 websites that I visited the most during idle time are MSN messenger, Friendster, Facebook, hotmail and yahoo mail. Nowadays, Internet was the common way for people communication with each other. It is essential because easy and convenient for us to exchange information anytime and anywhere. In addition, it is free of charge too. That is why I like keep in touch with my friends and family such as leave a message, share file and video clip through that website.

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