Monday, January 19, 2009

S3lF-IntRoDucT!oN ^^

Hi~ welcome to our blog! I am so glad to have an opportunity to let you all know more about me here. My name is Gan Shin Miin. Now I am taking my bachelor degree in major of accounting at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I am just enter to year 3, so I hope I can handle it since I need to start my final year research. Fortunately, I can do my assignment and research with a group of partners they are kindness and helpful. Even though sometimes we may have dissension and argument, but we can settle it soon and making joke as usual.^^

About my hobbies, I like to play badminton; the feeling of sweatiness is very relaxed. I am also enjoying in sing karaoke even though my sound is not good at all. Besides, join camping is one of interest for me also. I can know many friends from the camp and learn a lot of things from camping.

Next, when I m free at home, I will visit some websites such as facebook, hotmail, friendster, blogger and google. I used facebook and friendster to keep contact with my friends. From the facebook and friendster, I can get their information about currently lifestyle. Hotmail is for me to check my mail for any information sent by my friends and also, I send to my friends when I need to inform them something. Apart from that, I will post my feeling on my blog. When I felt something but don’t know how to tell others.

These all for me blogging today~ hope you all can get more information from our blog~

Lastly, NiCe tO mEet You hErE~~~~^o^V

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