Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Am I ?

Hi… My name is Puah Sziang Yew. I come from Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. I am currently pursuing in bachelor degree, majoring in accounting and now I am in year 3 semesters 1. I am team leader for group 9 team 1 in E-Commerce subject.

About my hobby, my most favorite hobby is playing football, that because I feel very proud when scoring goals and it’s also let me feel very happy and excited. Beside that, the important of doing sports is it able to helps me to release stress, meanwhile it also helps to maintain good health. My most favorite football player is David Beckham. So who are interest in David Beckham also can go this web and have a look .

The top five websites that I visited the most are, Yahoo, Youtube, Friendster and Hotmail. Youtube allow me to watch any video clips with just downloaded and without any payment. Youtube also provided latest video clips for all of us, like; latest news clips, entertainment clips, sport clips and etc. On the other hand, I will access to the, Yahoo and Hotmail website for searching useful information, post comment and checking mails or sent mails, on the other hand, it also helps me to save money and time during obtaining the related information needed and avoid sending letter in traditional method. While Friendster that let me to meet or communicate with more friends who are from others countries and it is possible for me to keep in contact with my old friends as well.

The top five Internet activities that I usually do are checking mail at Yahoo mail and Hotmail, chatting in MSN, watching video clip in Youtube, reading forum at and view or update photo in Friendster. Availability of Internet makes the communication between each other much easier and convenience. In other word, the availability of Internet makes ours life easy.

Lastly, I want promote my Friendster and MSN account to all of you, please add me “” become yours friends or visiting my URL on .

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