Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Salutes~ Welcome to our blog. My name is Goh Zhi Chao, from Malacca. I am currently pursuing a bachelor degree, majoring in accounting in University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), located in Sungai Long. This blog is meant for assignment purposes, but we are enjoying the process of creating this blog~ we hope that our blog can help everyone who visit our blog to gain knowledge and useful information~

Before i continued my studies in KTAR (foundation prior to UTAR level), my past life was pretty much mess of all up that its actually hard for me narrate them down. There were awful and memorable happenings which turned out on me. Albeit myself quite admit as someone not easily influenced by people and things, i went through changes from past happenings of attitude and characters. As for now i'm glad and feeling well-blessed of what i'm doing not only for matter of study but my personal life. I am truly thankful for friends who help me and guide me this far.

Speaking of hobbies and things i like to do. I favored different activities from time to time and may not be loyal to some of them. For the moment which i mostly enjoyed are what most guys would like too, football, video games, hanging out with friends and several other casual activities.

Websites that i usually visit and log onto, www.chinese.cari.com.my. Top mandarin forum in our country as to date. Lots of good and useful sharing within users. Feel free pay it a visit, tho i think it's pretty well-known by now. Secondly www.forum.lowyat.net. I do online tradings sometimes of computer hardwares(not anymore), games, and other items. And this forum also provides for rich-packed of general forum benefits from all sorts, online marketplace to leisure talks of internet users. It serves well as information source too. Other frequent visited websites includes www.evilavatar.com and www.pennyarcade.com and so on. In addition, http://www.youtube.com, the most popular video streaming source just make internet comes in handy and convenient.

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